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The EU Nightmare Where War Is the Only Answer

LONDON - England - We are already in a war, an economic war where European countries within the eurozone are conspiring against the UK, to take our jobs, to take our wealth and to take our sovereignty as a nation.

Michael Heseltine is right, he is the only one within the weakened Conservatives to speak up and put a solid plan to the constant onslaught from the behemoth EU juggernaut which like a slimy snail bulldozes whole nations and leaves a trail of slime behind.

The Germans, who are the head of the EU, are doing everything they can to consume as much power as they can within this Soviet system. Where they tread they create debt mountains enslaving whole nations, huge unemployment, despair and slavery to their economic might. When the Berlin wall fell, it was not a symbol of East Germany and the Soviet state dying, it was a symbol of the Soviet state taking over the rest of Germany and creating the EU. Therefore, the Berlin wall was simply an illusion, a piece of theatre for the people, because they are now much more enslaved than they were during the East German years. The EU and its totalitarian dictatorship will increase in power until there will be no freedom left for the people. It is a Soviet Fascist amalgamation which by the use of Soviet techniques like constant repetition, drums into its enslaved citizens the mantra it wants them to hear.

Austerity is poverty, this is the redistribution of wealth so that everyone is poor.

“We take away the ownership of property, your jobs and your livelihoods. We take away your pensions and your future, we take away the future of your children. This is the EU, you will depend on us now. In twenty years, everyone will be on EU state welfare, you will be given allowances for energy consumption, food consumption and your travel will be restricted. No one will be allowed to be an individual or hold wealth, you will be paid in EU credits which will be digital. If you disobey anything, then we simply cut off your credits. You and your family will thus be made to starve. This will of course create a climate of fear. Look what we are doing in Greece. They dared to disobey us, and now they are starving, dying in the streets and committing suicide in their homes. This is their punishment for disobeying our orders and laws. Greece will be an example, because all democracy must be eradicated. Democratic action is an enemy of the EU and we will crush any form of individualism or freedom,” an unelected technocrat revealed yesterday at the EU parliament in Brussels.

As Mr Heseltine outlined yesterday, we are being attacked in the UK. After two physical World Wars in the 20th century, the third 21st century war is economic. Brussels is destabilising the financial independence of the City, it is also encouraging huge influxes of economic migrants from some of the poorest nations in the EU. This is a direct attack on the indigenous population of the UK because it will take away resources, jobs and space as well as create civil unrest. The British Isles do not have much land mass and there is only so much room and resource available. To be ordered by Brussels to feed, clothe and support economic migrants is a huge strain on the population already here. Schools, hospitals, employment and the British way of life are all severely threatened.

“The role of the influx of millions of immigrants from the EU’s poorest regions is a way of destabilising and fracturing the indigenous populations. This way they are disseminated and taken apart in only one or two generations. England will not be England anymore, neither will Scotland or Wales. They will be completely overrun, our hospitals are already straining as the NHS buckles under the sheer weight of the load. Taxpayers are already shouldering a heavy burden and they will be asked to do more, as our schools will be inundated with the EU citizens who will want to be taught first how to speak English. Well, what about your child who wants to learn a normal day’s school work, well they will be shoved to the side as the tired overworked teacher has to deal with the other pupils, who are still at the most basic point of linguistic knowledge,” a concerned Westminster insider revealed.

The threat of the EU’s economic war on the UK does not only come from Brussels, but internally from our own nation. Look at David Cameron, a man who panders to his controllers from Brussels without a whimper of dissent or courage towards his own nation. The cowardice employed by Cameron also extends to his deputy Clegg, who trails yellow streaks of fetid urine wherever he walks. So the threat is not only from the outside but inside as well, as malodorous traitors to the British people are selling us down the river every day. Cameron’s Commons defeat by eurosceptics yesterday was a small victory but will be overruled by the powers that be soon enough.

When will the people wake up about the EU? When the troops march into their streets holding the EU flag high or when their jobs, homes and livelihoods are raised to the ground? If the EU cannot defeat us economically then they will do so through war, maybe Britain can borrow a battleship from France some time to fight back.

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