Meghan Markle Vs The Queen

D-list actress Megain Markle should be left in Canada by Prince Harry, royal experts advise.

“She was never royal, and does not understand the duty and honour that is required of royalty, which she so eagerly signed up to. She is simply a fickle D-list celebutard champagne socialist grifter who has now fled the UK, to escape to Canada. Meghan is now reviled in Britain and she will never set foot in the country again.

“She has seen fit to escape the country with Harry’s child as well, which is a serious misdemeanour.

“The prince has a duty to Britain and is much loved by the people, and he has an underlying duty to the royal family who he was born into. It is this blue blood coursing through Harry’s veins that he should be in service to, and not some irrelevant chancer who has slept her way through half of Hollywood trying to get roles, and is a blatant social climber grifter.

“Upsetting his grandmother is bad enough, but upsetting poor Prince Philip is the last straw, and in his last days to see the prince being turned around by this awful woman would be a true tragedy.

“There is no royal blood in Meghan, and not one ounce of conscience or honour. Simply put, you cannot install a hyena into a pride of lions. From the start, this ghastly control fiend has sought to ruin the royal family, but the buck should stop here, and Prince Harry should immediately conduct divorce proceedings against Meghan Markle. This is the only way he will come away relatively unscathed, as it turns out this unknown, this imposter was never vetted in the first place, and no one really knows who she is.

“Prince Harry’s duty is to his country and if he leaves, he will not be forgotten, however his status will be severely ravaged, and his fame across the channel will be flitting. Does Harry want to turn out to be another Fergie, touting for titbits, selling his wares to the celebrity trash mongers he clearly hates, for little or no money?

“If Prince Harry goes, he will lose 95% of all he had, but if he stays, and moves on in a Stoic well-mannered way, he will eventually find a real royal princess of his own who does not want to ruin the royal family and understands the role.”