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October 31: Boris Has Done an Amazing Job But It May Not be Enough

LONDON - England - What Boris has managed under the dire conditions of a dead parliament must be commended, but is it enough to deliver Brexit by October 31?

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The Brexit Party has been waiting in the wings, and after the October 31 deadline has passed without a Brexit, it will fill in the void of the Conservative loss of hope.

We have to hand it to Boris for a profound effort, who achieved more in 80 days of premiership than Mrs May achieved in three years of dawdling.

Loss of confidence in the Conservatives will reach a crescendo after October 31 has passed and gone, and the Brexit Party will have to step in to finish the job off finally.

Granted, the amount of obstacles put in front of Boris were many; Remainers have been coming out with legal cases, bills and acts to thwart Brexit, not least a Speaker of the House who has done everything in his power to stop Brexit at every juncture.

The Dead Parliament is a remnant of Theresa May, and it is now practically impossible to get Brexit through without a general election so that the people can vote out the Remainers. Getting an election however is nigh on impossible with the Fixed Parliament act, and an opposition party who know that an election will eviscerate their numbers further, because the people have had enough of them.

We are now at another impasse, with Brussels waiting for Corbyn to accept a General Election so that they can grant an extension for which the Conservatives may also lose to the Brexit Party.

The only thing left to do now is enact a State of Emergency, as the Squib has advised, and to leave the EU with a Clean Brexit on October 31. If the Conservatives wish to survive, then they will do this, but if they do not, then the Brexit Party will most probably take the lion’s share of votes once the extension is granted and the October 31 deadline is missed.

Clean Brexit is the only way for a real Brexit as voted for by 17.4 million people on June 23, 2016. We voted to get out of the Customs Union, the ECJ, the Single Market, and the CFP/CAP plus all the other institutions of the EU — completely, with no transition period.

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