To see the mass triggering of commies on the Opposition side in parliament yesterday was a delightful spectacle to behold.

The honourable Prime Minister was only channelling the utter frustration by the people who have waited patiently for three years for their vote to be honoured, and to leave the EU.

No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy

Leaving the EU means leaving the ECJ, leaving the CFP, leaving the Single Market, leaving the Eurozone and all of its toxic restrictive tentacles. That is what the people voted for on June 23, 2016 in the largest public vote in British history.


It was shameful for the Communists to bring up the Remainer martyr, Jo Cox, in a cynical ploy to embarrass the PM, and their cynical usage of the dead was rightly given the short shrift. The fat fish wife who stood up to berate the PM using a dead person to cynically justify her attack was truly atrocious, but her behaviour was understandable from such a common uneducated vandal.

Desperate affairs require desperate remedies.

The current parliament of Remainer communists are so blinded by their EU Soviet indoctrination that they cannot see that their actions are creating even more distress and anger amongst the forgotten public, who have seen their vote dishonoured, and democracy sidelined.

The only way to solve this impasse is to deliver on the vote of the people and to leave on October 31. This is not however all about Brexit now, it is about restoring democracy and the legitimacy of Britain’s parliament again. Every day the Marxist far-left EU operatives in parliament hijack the will of the people and impose surrender bills, is another day Britain sees its democracy crumble further into the mire.