The reason we have not moved on is because the Remainers just don’t know when to stop, they just don’t know when to accept defeat and accept that 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU on June 23, 2016.

If you are a Remainer and continue Remaining, why don’t you do so on the Continent in mainland Europe? Why stay in Britain if you hate it so much? Why are you denying the British people a resolution to the vote to leave they took in the EU Referendum? Do you not realise that what you are doing is anti-democratic, seeing as all politicians at the time promised to honour the vote?

If you do not value democracy, please go and live in Europe where the people are ruled by unelected EU Commissioners who fleece the population with vast EU taxes so they can live lavish luxurious lifestyles?

Go and live in Germany, France or Romania. You as a Remainer are free to leave Britain’s shores and live somewhere in the EU heartland. You love the EU so much and hate Britain, please go now, and leave Britain for the British because you are a Remainer and cannot get it through your indoctrinated fucking head that you lost the EU Referendum.

As for the nincompoop shyster Remainer contingent who keep calling for a second EU Referendum, the first one should be honoured first, because if you don’t honour it, this thing will never end, and we will be going around in circles for years.

The Remainer MPs and civil servants should also go and do their Remaining in the EU. Just think, you will get some serious perks of the job in Brussels. Money is what you really care about, go and do your Remaining there. Your allegiance to Britain is zero, and to Brussels 100% so fucking please go to Brussels, crawl up Juncker’s cognac addled piss hole and enjoy yourselves, you will finally be home and doing lots of Remaining.

Remainers need to Remain, they know nothing else, they are not capable of moving forward, they are not capable of things like freedom or democracy, you are only capable of being told what to do by your beloved Brussels masters.

Please go. You will be federalized in your Remainiac Remainer Remain EU dystopian hell, if it is slavery you love so much then so be it, Remain! When you are called up to your beloved EU Army, or your children are conscripted, you will certainly Remain then, Remain in bloody pieces on the bloody battlefields of Eastern Europe. Good riddance.