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Global governments must reduce populations drastically for more sustainable living and environment with less pollution

The Western created LGBTQP agenda, which has normalised and pushed alternate sexualities must be promoted in overpopulated countries as well as the declining liberal dominated West.


Climate change

“In the developed West, where depopulation has reached its zenith, indigenous population is floundering and decreasing thanks to increased encouragement and indoctrination in LGBTQP, whereas the developing and Third World countries are overpopulated with increasing populations which pose a major threat to the world’s finite resources.

“It is thus imperative that the LGBTQP agenda is forced into the Third World and developing nations, especially in dangerously overpopulated nations like China and India who have a joint population of 2.7 billion people making up 37% of the total global population.

“The populations must be educated from birth in the virtues of pursuing the LGBTQP lifestyle to bring forth an eventual reduction in population and mass breeding. Just as is done in the West, where young children are indoctrinated from infancy in LGBTQP methods and literature, thus creating increased instances of change which is normalised and positively encouraged.


“In the West, we have successfully engineered total acceptance of something that was condemned by the same governments only a few decades ago.

“The Western LGBTQP agenda over decades, if implemented successfully in developing Third World nations would reduce the overall global population by over 40% because it would discourage breeding. Abortion must also be encouraged within these regions, as well as incentive led sterilization. If populations can be encouraged to breed less through various initiatives, led through education and medical advice, then global resources and environments can further be saved.

“Women in the Third World must also be indoctrinated in Western feminism, to effectively destroy the old family structures. Destroying family structures that have been apparent for generations through feminism is a must in order to reduce populations and unfettered breeding, which only causes misery, poverty and destruction of the environment. All women in Third World nations must be encouraged and indoctrinated to become feminists and take up lesbianism, rejecting traditional roles of women in these societies.

“Time is running out, and the initiatives must be put in process immediately, with great urgency. These points will all be discussed in the upcoming G7 meeting.”