Vindictive and pathetic Remoaners are preparing for Britain to exit their beloved Soviet European Union by stockpiling tissues and EU flags to wave in their homes after Britain leaves the EU in October.

“I have a carton of man-sized tissues being delivered to my home, however as a feminist, I think it is disgusting that men get to have big tissues called man-sized. This is an outrage to women, oh, and I am also angry about Brexit because I might not be able to download  episodes of Come Dancing whilst on my hols in Spain, or something like that, let alone my kids being press-ganged into joining the EU Army,” Sally Wisebach, 25, from Islington told the Evening Standard.

What about the ‘Stop Brexit’ guy, Steve Bray, who incessantly shouts and brays the words in Parliament Square whilst some poor MPs try to be heard being interviewed?

“As a staunch communist, I assumed by repeating the words ‘stop Brexit’ continuously over a lengthy period of time in the style of the Soviet brainwashers who deem that if you repeat something continuously it will eventually be believed even if it is ridiculous or a lie, is all in fact a waste of time, and I have wasted years of my sorry sad life by standing out here and being a useful-idiot for a bunch of unelected Eurocrats with huge salaries and unlimited taxpayer funded expense accounts who do not care a toss about me or anyone but themselves. In other words I’m a sorry treacherous cunt.”

It’s not over till the corrupt Speaker of the House sings

Could there still be a chance that the impartial John Bercow and other corrupt MPs manage to thwart democracy and Brexit at the last moment? Let us sincerely hope that these treasonous twats are finally purged from parliament as they deserve to be.