There is something strange that happened after the Iron Curtain fell, and the Berlin Wall crumbled. The so-called Soviet Russia had collapsed under its own ineptitude and bureaucracy, stale with its dastardly record of genocide, imprisonment and annihilation of millions of people throughout its sordid history, yet, it seems the ideology simply transferred itself silently undercover further West.

Vladimir Bukovsky lived through the brutal totalitarian Soviet regime, and his book “Judgment in Moscow” addresses many of the wrongs committed under a regime of complete secrecy. Bukovsky, born in 1942 opposed the system from an early age, he was uncermoniously kicked out of Moscow State University at the tender age of 19 after criticizing the Young Communist League, the Komsomol.

Bukovsky posits the question about the West’s complicity in letting the Soviet communist hierarchy off for their crimes against humanity, yet they had punished the Nazis after World War II? One could say that the reason the communist perpetrators of many crimes against humanity went unpunished was because the West ultimately agreed with much of the ideology of the Soviet Union. How do we explain the creation of a United Soviet Union in Western Europe after the Berlin Wall fell? It is true to say, most of the Eastern German Stasi officials were absorbed into the EU hierarchy and Commission after the Berlin Wall’s legacy was dissolved. Furthermore, without Stalin u-turning on Hitler and allying with Churchill and the USA in WW2, circumstances could have been very different regarding the result of the war.


Much like Soviet Russia, the European Union is now seeking ever closer union, and is pushing for a united Bolshevik army, not only on earth but in space.

The Fascists of World War II were too overt in their methods, they were too obvious, and this was their ultimate downfall. They were overtly race centric, whereas the Soviets were not obvious about these things and preached Marxist equality. Any crimes committed by the Soviets were heavily controlled operations conducted under heavy secrecy from the West, therefore, the Soviets did not receive much of the condemnation the Nazis received. It would be safe to say, the Soviets learned how to be brutal to their dissidents and party enemies of the state by doing the exact opposite of the Nazis, and to this end, they succeeded in their various purges. Bukovsky himself spent twelve years in the Gulag prison and labour camps, as well as the thought control psychiatric hospitals.

Communism throughout history has been responsible for more deaths than Nazism, yet communism is celebrated by many in the West. You only have to look at the EU, Britain’s Labour party and the Democrat extremities like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders in the USA. In America, Communism is now a viable alternative chosen by many young people who have been indoctrinated by Marxist lecturers and professors in university, these are the ANTIFA soldiers and the Black Lives Matter troops who are the Sandinistas of North America.

In the UK, we have the resistance to Brexit as another clear sign that communism and Marxist ideological persuasions are truly alive even today in the 21st century. These people are staunch followers of an EU regime that has imprisoned them, taken away their sovereignty, their democracy and dictates laws to them every day which they obey without question. It is not only the indoctrinated people in the UK who are now followers of the EU Soviet state, but the departments, the news media operations, and the parliamentarians. The institutions have all received vast funding from the EU, as have many parliamentarians and unelected Lords. Naturally, they do not want to lose their gravy train, delivered in brown envelopes every month through the back door.

Reading through Vladimir Bukovsky’s book, “Judgement in Moscow” one can only think it is timeless in its reportage of Soviet crimes, because these crimes seem to be occurring in the West today. The book has long languished in the peripheries as it was not translated into English for twenty years.

If you want to truly know what happened during the Soviet Union’s years of brutality, secrecy and corruption, then read this book, for it will engage you from the beginning taking you on a journey through a communist nightmare of gargantuan proportions.

Vladimir Bukovsky’s book, “Judgment in Moscow” can be purchased here and published by Ninth of November Press.