Spitting on the graves of those who fought for our freedom in both world wars is now an establishment normality, as is throwing away thousands of years of sovereign rule in the British Isles. There is only one certainty in Britain today — treachery.

The MPs in parliament do not want to make their own laws anymore, they do not want to bother with silly things like governing or making their own decisions. They would much rather let others rule over them and tell them to do things, much like clerks in an office.

The despondent reaction of parliamentarians to adopting a role as a Vichy government to foreign invaders is a symptom of the times we are living in now. No one really gives a flying fuck about their own nation, this is why you have millions of people selling out their own country to an unelected soviet system like the EU.

Gorbachev eu soviet

The low-information ill informed Remoaners are only concerned about their ability to take cheap package holidays to Benidorm or to keep their mobile phone roaming charges so they can download their favourite reality show on the beach. This is the extent of their knowledge about what is at stake when the Eu Referendum was called. These illiterate EU zombies, NCPs, all follow the same lines, hold the same placards and bleat out the same Marxist mantras as they march to protest against freedom in the streets. Some don’t even know why they are marching, they are merely following, and obeying other people.

There is no one left to spearhead a real run for Brexit. Boris is off balls deep in some young filly’s cum box, and is naturally too preoccupied in keeping up the pace in his daily and nightly incursions ploughing deep into his new tight temptresses immaculately shaven meat pocket. Who can blame him, one only has to turn on any news program and all you have is a collective sound of remoaning, these are the only people given air space? Anyone else who dares to even speak of freedom, is immediately shut down and ushered out the backdoor.

One can easily surmise that Britain is no longer a nation of innovators, looking outward towards the globe, but a bunch of fucking cowards, who seem to enjoy their imprisonment. The door was left wide open in the prison, the sunlight touched their faces, but they were too scared of venturing out, they were institutionalised, too indoctrinated in EU Marxist ideology, they instead stayed where they were, transfixed as the door slowly closed once again.

What hope do we have when we have a Remoaner PM, who has thwarted and delayed every opportunity to leave, an insipid pustule so morose in her nature that her cowardice and treason are second to nature?

Maybe it is part of the British psyche now, to be shit upon, to enjoy their beatings, their masochistic pleasure derived from daily humiliation.

There is no fight left now, only apathy, only cowardice, and a resilient entrenched nature to do nothing.

“If they spit in our faces, we lick it up, if they tell us to bend over, we bend over and take it up the arse,” a Remoaner happily opined at the relief that there will be no aspirations of freedom, sovereignty or democracy in Britain ever again.

It is safe to say that World War I and II were fought for absolutely nothing, all those people died for absolutely nothing, because Britain lost both wars in reality, they won mere battles, but not the war, because the EU and Germany had the last laugh.

Britain now means nothing, it’s just another piece of shit zone in the EU.