harry and meghan baby kensington palace royal family

The royal family and its bloodlines have been changed forever after centuries of pure Anglo-Saxon breeding.

Congratulations are to be given to Harry and Meghan, who today announced the arrival soon of the first ever black baby into the undiluted royal bloodline.

“Harry and Meghan are pioneers in the history of European royalty. Never before has the African genetic bloodline been introduced to any European royal family throughout the whole of history. Prince Harry must be truly proud of himself for breaking the mould to introduce those African genes into European royal circles with his new wife, the beautiful Meghan,” royal historian Alan Starksy, told the BBC.

How will the Saxe-Coburg Gotha genetic lineage deal with the introduction of the African genetic bloodline?

Geneticist Dr. Werner Andrell, from the Institute of Genetic Global Research in Lausanne, Switzerland, revealed some interesting points about the new royal arrival.

“Colour of the skin does not matter, because to say it does is completely racist and unacceptable. It is however fully possible through the generational transfer of genes that the baby will be fully black, maybe only taking a few attributes from Prince Harry like his ginger hair although with Negroid characteristics. Some genetic traits can skip whole generations and suddenly appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are also certain traits related to African genes, like Sickle cell anaemia, and genetics relating to temperament, like the ability to dance rhythmically in time to music, as well as the ability to rap and run fast. The grandmother, an African American has lineage from the slave days of old, and this will ensure the ability of the child to endure hardships easily, as all these genetic traits pass through generationally. Conversely, the baby could be full white or in-between. The baby will still have African genetic characteristics whatever colour of the skin.”

Disgusting stereotypes of African Americans, like their supposed extremely low IQ, propensity to steal, indolent cognition, and propensity to commit savage acts of violence as well as their constant angry attitude should be dispelled with the new arrival as he will be brought up amidst the highest luxury, privilege and educated in the most prestigious institutions.

Here’s to the wonderful news, the royal family must be so happy, and are now surfing the crest of an amazing wave of good publicity with their upcoming baby boy.