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Brussels Okayed Chequers BRINO Deal Months Ago

LONDON - England - Theresa May has lied to the electorate, her own MPs, and perverted the democratic process in Britain, with her BRINO Chequers plan being pushed through parliament.

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The charade of back and forth of the Brexit deal has been tiresome, and so transparent that it is an obvious fix.

Theresa May, the treacherous liar that she is, drafted the deal with Angela Merkel and Brussels eurocrats on the 5th and 6th of July before she presented to her Cabinet at Chequers on 7 July.

Brussels eurocrats know that the deal is already accepted but have conducted the necessary refusals of the contract. May was seen to be sorely disgusted and alone at her treatment by the Brussels mafia on 20 September in Salzburg. This was all a charade.

Next up comes Tusk with a declaration that he suddenly wants to do a Canada plus plus super duper deal. Then everything goes quiet.

Then, to compound things, Theresa May suddenly starts preparations with her whips to bribe Labour MPs to push her Chequers BRINO plan through parliament bypassing the DUP, and Conservative Brexiteer MPs.

May’s superiors in Brussels will seek more capitulations and then will publicly accept the deal which was accepted in July, so May can get the deal pushed through her parliament by using Labour MPs to bypass and betray her own party.

This duplicitous machiavellian approach by May not only insults the people who voted to get out of the EU on June 23, 2016, but it insults the sovereign, and Britain’s democratic values.

Theresa May Remain Remoaner
Theresa May campaigned strongly for Remain during the EU Referendum – photo – Twitter

Theresa May’s BRINO Chequers plan will tie Britain into the Customs Union indefinitely, and will severely limit the UK doing any trade deals with the rest of the world.

During this time, Theresa May has been dishonest, committed treason, lied to the electorate, and misled parliament as well as her own MPs, causing many to leave in disgust.

If this is not grounds for her removal, then there is no justice, democracy or sovereignty in Britain today. By pushing through her Chequers BRINO plan through parliament utilising Labour MPs, May is betraying and abusing the electorate and whole system of governmental parliamentary politics with her totalitarian forced ‘Brexit In Name Only’ Brussels penned plan.

No Brexiteer will ever vote Conservative again. After this, perversion of the electoral system and debasement of democracy, the Tories will be out of power for thirty to forty years.

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