When Remainer PM Theresa May says something, it generally means nothing, or it is doublespeak to enable further delaying tactics so that the outcome of said words is a muddled dish of confusion.

Speaking to one group of people on one side, Theresa May says what they want to hear, then when speaking to the opposite side she will tell them exactly what they want to hear. The result is that nothing happens and the so-called event is delayed until it is too late, and the status quo can remain without any opposition.

“I seek to confuse the Brexiteers, appease the Remoaners, and sincerely bow down to kiss the boots of the Brussels overlords. I am what would be deemed as a quisling, a sleeping agent within the highest office of government who detests the people, and their nefarious choice to leave the European Union. I say I believe in Brexit but that is not true.

“My orders are thus to delay any exit from the EU for as long as possible, enabling Remoaners, the EU and the House of Lords to inflict as much pain on Brexit as possible. If I was a PM who wished for Brexit, this event would have occurred within three months of my instatement as PM, however I have eked proceedings out for over three years, and seek to delay for even more time.”

As for the Brexiteers, they are fools for believing any words spoken from the PM, and yet they stand by, afraid to lose their positions in government more than their country’s future.

This push and pull force, is a staple governmental technique utilised to fool the people, who watch daily as the appeasing headlines are released to the mainstream media.

“Brexit is happening”, “Only Two Years to Brexit”, “EU Shaking in Their Boots”, “Support May in Her Brexit Victory”. Of course utter tosh and lies, but the people are placated easily, they actually believe the words they read in the papers, and the words that come out of Theresa May’s puppet mouth.

The fucking stone cold truth is that there will be NO Brexit. No Brexiteers will stand up to Theresa May’s lies and Nigel Farage will stand by with the lot of them without doing anything. Remember these words clearly — The people’s vote does not matter. We are not living in a democracy. You have no rights as a voter to make a decision on the country’s future. The EU Referendum, 23 June 2016, is meaningless in the eyes of the EU, and controllers in charge of the government and business. Voters do not mean a thing in the UK. You are nothing to them.