Forbidden Delight: Censoring Words Makes Them More Powerful

LONDON - England - Every censored and forbidden word by the totalitarian pc police is made stronger and more delicious to use.

Liberals and politically correct censors who censor linguistic language inadvertently make those censored words more powerful, more delicious, and liberating to use.

Every day, we hear of another word in the English language that has been banned by the people who think they control speech, however what they are doing is strengthening the very word they seek to ban.

When you’re at home or in the car, you can say those words with a devilish glee, however you cannot say them in public without being called out by the pc-police and their mission to shut down language. These banned words increase in power everytime they are censored.

“Yes, but these words may offend someone?” they cry, yet their censorship offends people who value free speech.

We are continually told that we have to like ‘selected’ people. You have to like them. You are forced to like them because it is the politically correct thing to do, but can you force people to like people they want nothing to do with, and NEVER will?

Can you force someone to like things they just have nothing in common with? According to the globalist, this is called tolerance, however stick one of these high hat globalists in a room full of these people and you will soon see intolerance. The elite globalist may dictate you live among these people, yet they live themselves in secluded luxury away from the detritus.

Even the most tolerant people can get fucking pissed off.

It should be ones given right to detest others as they wish, and even to display this if they want, however in polite society this is a no, no.

Try and fucking force me to like you, but I will fight you to the end to have the right to detest and disagree with certain segments of humanity if I want to and vice versa.