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Michelle Obama Artist Diagnosed With Serious Visual Impairment

LOS ANGELES - USA - Eye doctors and Ophthalmologists have questioned the Michelle Obama portrait painter's eyesight.

Doctors and physicians have come together to label the painter who painted the Michelle Obama portrait as someone with severe visual impairment problems that technically make her blind.

“We don’t know how she can function in daily life, let alone be procured to paint the official portrait of the former first lady, Michael Obama?” Hernandez Consellio M.D, is the Director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center and Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cataract and Refractive Surgery Division at the world renowned Weinstein Eye Institute.

Many experts in the mechanics of eyesight and Ophthalmology have asked the painter to come in and get urgent help as she is in danger of not only hurting herself but others too.

“I mean does this woman drive a car or operate heavy machinery? She is a danger to herself and others and must seek urgent medical assistance,” eye surgeon, Balthazar Medley M.D. appealed on Monday.

According to the Obamas, the painter of the Michelle Obama portrait only got the role because of ‘affirmative action’.

In the United States, even though some black people may not be qualified or able to do a job, they are still given the role not for their ability but for the colour of their skin. For many, this is seen as ‘positive discrimination’ and is not a justified way to run employment, however it is a valid American system and has been running for many years.

The painter of the Michelle Obama portrait, Ambingo Shaquanda Fantasay, was adamant that the portrait she painted is what she saw:

“I axe her, I said is that you Michelle, she say yeah? I thanked her fo’ da job. So I painted whut was in ma mind of whut I thought I saw.”

Blind artists in the art world are not rare. Last year, deaf, dumb and blind artist, Damien Hirst sold one of his paintings for £4.8 million.

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