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Experts: How It’s Going to Take At Least 10 More Years to Erase Obama Legacy

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - You would have thought that since Obama was gone things would get better almost immediately, however this is where you are wrong.

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All the Soviet Marxist agitators, radical feminazis, trans social spreaders, anti-free speech, LGBTQPs, Black Lives Matter, Antifa terrorists etc have all become even more enraged due to not only losing front of stage under the Obama supremacy but the new president Trump coming into ascendancy.

Socialists, Marxists, Communists are actually more dangerous when they’re on the backfoot, because they have more to fight for, and become even more triggered than usual.

“These people are brainwashed Marxist Alinskyite indoctrinated pawns of guys like Soros and Obama.

“Their role is simply to divide communities, create a climate of hatred, and turn families against each other.

“The funny thing is once they complete their jobs, they will be discarded like used tissues by their masters,” an informed person revealed about the plan.


The brutal truth is that even though the U.S. is meant to be led by a Republican president, Donald Trump has been wholly ineffectual in pretty much every effort he has made to move America towards a more patriotic family orientated stance. This is because of the guerilla warfare tactics being used by the extreme leftists who are funded by various sovietized groups and rich individuals.

“It will take many years of de-programming of America’s youth, who are now entrenched in their Safe Spaces and Microaggression politically correct socialist world and are mollycoddled every step of the way by their educators (Marxist indoctrinators).

“Either, people pipe down, or within a year or so we will have civil war. Let me guess who will win any type of war?


“Well, it won’t be the feminist soviet activist transgender BLM gay safe spacers for sure, because they can’t shoot a gun.

“They were trained by Obamamites to hate guns, so they would be defenceless easy targets for the heavily trained and armed conservative Americans.

“It would be like a turkey shoot, or shooting fish in a barrel,” a militia man from Wisconsin added.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the college kids who have been indoctrinated in communist theory and ideals, under the eight long years of Obama rule, the major tech companies were under his spell, and these large internet all-controlling conglomerates are fighting against free speech as well. If the message is Marxist or socialist it is allowed, however any other opinion is censored and relegated to the bottom of the search results or removed completely.

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