Students Cry in Pain As ‘Safe Spaces’ Invaded On Campus

BERKELEY - USA - Students at Berkeley University of California, were left writhing in agony and despair on Wednesday when one of their 'safe spaces' was unduly invaded.

“We had to console our students for hours after the terrible incident, which left four students hospitalised in an institution, and one student fighting for her life,” college professor, Eric Cohen, told the LA Times.

Situated close to San Francisco, Berkeley College is known for its support of American socialist values like Marxism, Communism and is staunchly anti-liberty, anti-free speech.

“We at Berkeley college pride ourselves in being upholders of the teachings of Karl Marx, Trotskyism, and the all American communist radicals like Saul Alinsky. Any other point of view is not important to us, because it does not exist to our belief system of indoctrination,” one student revealed prior to the safe space invasive incident.

Safe Space Invasion

The designated safe space which was invaded, was situated just outside the courtyard for Dwinelle Hall, and has since been cordoned off by the police.

According to students who witnessed the invasion, a terrible wind blew autumn leaves from surrounding trees into the safe space even landing on the designated safe zone and some students.

“I saw these autumnal leaves, literally fall on students’ heads as they sat in the safe space. Some leaves even landed on their books and luncheon bags. It was carnage, the invasion caused students to literally run for their lives as the leaves kept coming and coming. One guy tripped up as he ran and hit his head on a rock, another sprained his ankle, and another is now in intensive care as a leaf landed on his sandwich as he chomped down. He choked on it and went blue in the face,” Jonah Chang, a traumatised third year student recalled.

Campus authorities have acted quickly in restoring the safe space by having all trees chopped down throughout the whole Berkeley university campus area.

Students who were affected by the incident have been told not to watch the video below at all costs, or this could cause immeasurable mental anguish to their already damaged constitutions.