Corbyn: “Next Election, Students Will Vote Three Times Each For Labour”

LONDON - England - With revelations that Corbyn Labour supporting students voted twice in the election, there are no regrets at Labour HQ.

Duped and brainwashed students who voted twice for Labour not only at their university polling station but at the constituency where they were registered as well, nearly lost the election for the Conservatives by cheating and breaking the law, however Jeremy Corbyn is urging them to repeat the process in the next election.

“I offered them free tuition fees and they flocked to me, even though I had no way of ever paying for the false promises. I still disrupted the scum Tories. Our Momentum Marxist group then told the students they could vote twice. They obeyed the orders and nearly took the election. Cheating in elections is permissible in revolutions, especially Marxist ones.,” Jeremy Corbyn told the leftist BBC from his dacha in Grimsby.

During the General election of 2017, Theresa May lost the Conservatives majority in parliament and was nearly toppled from her position as PM.

Many students, and low information voters were totally blinded by the promises of freebies by the lying Corbyn junta during the run-up to polling day.

“We won the election purely on the premise we disrupted the Tory majority. So what if we cheated, what are they going to do about it? Nothing. The next election we will ask students to vote three or four times each for Labour. Cheating is okay to get into power. Stalin, once said ‘by any means possible’ and so we shall do the same,” a Labour Momentum spokesman told the Guardian newspaper.