Self Serving Benefit Concerts, Twitter Hash Tags or Love Do Not Work Against ISIS

LONDON - England - A fourth terror attack in four months is an example of extremist expansion and must be stopped sooner than later.

How many hash tags are we going to have #Pray for Paris, #Pray for Nice, #Pray for London?..etc

How many lovey dovey benefit concerts can you have until the next atrocity, and then have another one, and wait for the next atrocity?

Rinse and repeat.

Your pithy love does not work against robots, machines that cannot be reasoned with, killers who are triggered brainwashed monsters. These people are indoctrinated and trained from a young age to kill remorselessly.

Everything about Western culture is seen as Haram (forbidden) and it is not only culturally ingrained but consciously and sub-consciously programmed into the youths from infancy.

The extremities of Islam delve into a warrior culture, these are the Mujahadin who will fight and fight until they are killed. There is no reasoning with them, no logical discussion, no philosophy or elucidation. They just want you dead.

To this end, we must as a secular Western democracy find other options to the sanitised air strikes from 30,000 feet, and to the hash tags, and to the self-serving benefit pop concerts where everyone can tap each other on the back and say how wonderful we all are. It doesn’t matter, because next week there’ll be another extremist atrocity. It will keep coming and coming.

ISIS are already training their next generation of killers, whilst the pc pussy footing in the West carries on.

The only language Islamic extremists understand is violence, and unless the West steps up to the plate right now to march to war, the drip feed of atrocities will continue, and the indoctrination will continue, eventually leading to many countries in Europe being conquered and derailed by ISIS.

The West, led by the USA and UK must be prepared right now to mobilise, to bring forth a torrent of violence and total war on Syria, Iraq and ISIS. This will mean mass mobilisation of all forces into the area to finish a job that was not completed before.

Unless there is total annihilation of the physical nature of ISIS, the ideology will survive and continue on and on.

In Syria, it is imperative that the Assad regime is completely decimated as well.

Apart from total ground war, all the ISIS assets embedded in Britain must be rounded up and put in camps.

You cannot reason with someone or some thing that wants to cut off your head purely because of religion. The main logic to this is that the ideology you are fighting is based on a book which clearly outlines many reasons why the kaffir must meet his end.