Obama’s Lame Duck Halloween Costume

WASHINGTON DC - USA - A year ago, Barack Hussein Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace prize, today he will be awarded a massive defeat at the midterm elections and be left as a 'lame duck' president.

“I heard Barrack is going to the White House Halloween party dressed as a duck, I have to say that’s right on the mark,” Spencer Geitzburger, part of the White House’s press corp. said at a recent press call.

The truth is that Barack never ‘delivered’, and you would have had to be bloody stupid to believe that he ever could ‘deliver’. Currently, the U.S. economy is barely clinging on before it is sucked under by the massive maelstrom of debts incurred by Obama. Health care reform bills, failed stimulus packages and the continuation of two losing wars have dealt a big blow to U.S. confidence and economy.

“The economy was bad because of Bush, but this guy made it worse. You can’t cure an alcoholic by giving him more booze. The debt should have been cut, not added to. Now American taxpayers have to service this vast debt. The debt incurred by Obama’s team is going to put about five future generations of Americans in extreme poverty. Do you know how much we pay to service this debt on interest alone per frickin’ day?” Obama’s ex-chief economist, Ed Tremens, who left the presidential team last week, after many months of banging his head against a brick wall.

“Ponzi Scheme”

The debt incurred by the Americans is not sustainable because there is no way they can reduce their interest rates any lower.

“We can’t have interest rates at a minus number. We would have to reduce interest rates to minus 17 just to get even with the amount of debt we have. Plus don’t forget, America is being slowly bled dry by wars on two fronts in the Middle East. The Arabs and Afghans know very well, that the longer they keep America in the war, the more money will be wasted and American lives lost. It is an unwinnable war that can only be won by killing every man, woman and child in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s the only way you can win against a Muslim country. You have to literally kill every single person, and then start again with the Christians,” Mr Tremens added.

Barack Hussein Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for being the first ever black man to win a presidential election. That was his achievement, and after that momentous affair which involved some serious brainwashing and mass hypnotism, there could only be one way to go..down.