Manchester Brothels Celebrating Sports Star’s Five Year Contract Renewal

MANCHESTER - England - Prostitutes in one of the cities best known brothels were seen to be doing high fives at the wonderful news.

“We just heard the
great news. He’s signed another lucrative five year contract at £250,000
a week. We just hit the jackpot! He’ll be in here spending, spending,
spending!” Jackie, 43, one of the prostitutes in the brothel told the
Manchester Times.

The Manchester area has approximately 3,500
brothels and they are all regularly frequented by footballers, the
Manchester Police have disclosed.

“His wife don’t care because he
comes home with his wallet. But that’s not all he comes back with eh!
How about some crabs and a bit of gonorrhea?” Mable, 61, another
prostitute in an Old Trafford brothel taunted.

The football star has been caught balls deep
numerous times in the past