New WikiPlugs Site Threatens WikiLeaks

VIRGINIA - USA - The WikiLeaks site, which has heroically revealed documents detailing the extent of the horror in the Iraq and Afghan wars, has a new rival in town.

A spokesman for the recently launched site, WikiPlugs, told ABC news about the new venture: “It’s real easy. When WikiLeaks discloses documents detailing the mass murder of civilians in the two wars America is currently engaged in, we get a big internet plug and basically plug the leak. It’s a piece of code which we call a plug. It’s not like a butt plug but more like a sink plug. When anyone logs onto the WikiLeaks site, they just get an image of a plug. This way, the truth about the war crimes will never be leaked.”

Rogers Nelson, one of the programmers on the new WikiPlugs project did not reveal where the company received the funding from, but their main office is bang in the middle of the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“We’re in room 2314b, which is just down the hall from Rummy’s old room and also a torture room that Dick and Dubya used to enjoy frequenting whenever the building had a fresh meat delivery from Iraq,” the CEO for WikiPlugs, Freddy Goering, told CNN.