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Assange Extradited to U.S. on Espionage Charges For Not Wearing Condom

LONDON - England - In another remarkable twist to the WikiLeaks story, crazed U.S. prosecutors are readying papers for WiliLeaks boss, Julian Assange's extradition because he didn't wear a condom during sex.

“He didn’t wear a rubber during a honey trap operation so we need to extradite him on espionage charges to the U.S,” a United States prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Mr Assange who is pleading that he converted to Catholicism, and thus was not required to wear a condom, is vowing to fight the espionage charges vehemently.

His lawyer said: “My client did not wear a condom during sex with two females who were ‘allegedly’ set up by the Americans to trap Mr Assange. He recently converted to Catholicism so we’re trying to figure out what the frickin’ problem is? My guess is that the yanks are yanking our chain over this shit.”

For now, the WikiLeaks hero is being held against his will in a British prison and has been refused any form of bail.

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  1. I’m surprised this guy is still alive we need to get this guy pronto. Blow him up shoot him liquidate him whatever it takes. He is a danger to U.S. national security and should be neutralized immediately.

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