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Wikileaks CIA Hacking Leak Latest

LONDON – England – According to the latest Wikileaks leak, the CIA can see, hear everything you do on your phone, computer or smart TV. Is this some sort of new revelation? Surely not?

Wikileaks Reveals Five More Twilight Films on the Way

LONDON - England - There were gasps and moans at a recent Wikileaks leak session at the offices of the Guardian newspaper, when some startling new information was revealed.

Assange Extradited to U.S. on Espionage Charges For Not Wearing Condom

LONDON - England - In another remarkable twist to the WikiLeaks story, crazed U.S. prosecutors are readying papers for WiliLeaks boss, Julian Assange's extradition because he didn't wear a condom during sex.

U.S. Government: "WikiLeaks Endangering Lives"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Pentagon has issued a statement saying that WikiLeaks is 'endangering lives' and has vowed to shut down the free speech site.

WikiLeaks to Start Plumbing Service

COVENTRY - England - Julian Assange is said to be training to be a plumber, CIA analysts have claimed in a leaked document on Friday.

Santa Pissed Off After WikiLeaks Reveals Xmas List

NORTH POLE - Arctic - Documents released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks have revealed sensitive information regarding the world's Christmas gift list, the Times reported Sunday.

"How The Internet Ruined My Life" by WikiLeaks Boss

REYKJAVIK - Iceland - The head of the WikiLeaks website, Julian Assange, has told of the despair caused by his constant urge to leak all over the internet.

New WikiPlugs Site Threatens WikiLeaks

VIRGINIA - USA - The WikiLeaks site, which has heroically revealed documents detailing the extent of the horror in the Iraq and Afghan wars, has a new rival in town.

Surprise as Leak Reveals Thousands More Civilians Killed by US

KABUL - Afghanistan - There was worldwide surprise today after an internet leak revealed the extent of civilian deaths meted out by the US and UK war machine was much higher than previously revealed.

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