U.S. Government: "WikiLeaks Endangering Lives"

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Pentagon has issued a statement saying that WikiLeaks is 'endangering lives' and has vowed to shut down the free speech site.

“WikiLeaks is endangering lives,” a Pentagon operative speaking to Fox news said before ordering more mass carpet bombing runs in Afghanistan.

America’s Shock and Awe tactics in Iraq and the mass murder of over 200,000 civilians during the illegal occupation of the country is proof that a website like WikiLeaks is endangering lives.

“WikiLeaks endangers lives because the truth is revealed and we all know we can’t have that,” General Putrified, told a CNN newscaster on Monday.

“The U.S. never endangered any lives, we just blew people away with bombs and missiles from miles away. If you use a drone or missile, you’re not endangering thousands of lives, it’s like a video game. I can blow an Afghan or Iraqi school full of kids sky high in the morning, then go to the cafeteria and have a hamburger. You see WikiLeaks is dangerous, we’re not. We’re installing democracy with all our guns, missiles, bombs and tanks,” a White House spokesman said.


This little Iraqi girl endangers American lives

George W. Bush’s war of perpetual terror has been neatly adopted by his successor, Barack Hussein Obama, who during his election campaign promised to stop the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to renege on his promise and continue to endanger the world’s stability with even more war.

  • EA Oklahoma

    the 200,000 count of civilian casualties takes into account the enormous number of civilians killed by the insurgents ie. car bombs and back back bombs. Furthermore, as funny as rape jokes are… and lastly, AJ i hope you don’t live in America because you don’t deserve to.

  • Carlin

    BBC News : Julian Assange wanted on sexual assault allegations.

    Well, he’s certainly fucked the US Government in the ass.


    The U.S. only wants freedom of speech where you agree with them. Americans don’t understand the fact that there other countries in the world who have cultures spanning back for thousands of years. The U.S. has only been a nation for 234 years.

  • AJ Karn

    The Americans are the biggest danger to this world and I hope one day they get some of that karma that is owed to them.

  • Darren

    I don’t see the big deal about wikileaks? I mean we all know what the CIA and American govt. has been doing for years. Is the pope catholic? do bears shit in the woods?

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