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European Super League: Billionaires Want to Make More Billions

MADRID - Spain - The European Super League was created "to save football", says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Real are one of the 12 European clubs who have signed up to the breakaway league and intend to establish a new midweek Real are one of the 12 European clubs who have signed up to the breakaway league and intend to establish a new midweek competition.

Klopp’s Team

LIVERPOOL - England - Liverpool are going from strength to strength this season thanks to manager, Jurgen Klopp.

Predict the European Championships and Win £50 Million – the Amount...

LONDON - England - Vote Leave have launched a £50 million Euro Championship prize competition. Sign up for your chance to win big.

Scots Demand Independence From Watching England Play Football

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - No doubt Scottish fans gain a great deal of pleasure from seeing England lose in the World Cup but there's always another nagging thought in the back of their heads.

England Fans Embracing Italian Culture by Eating Pizza

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - Last night's lacklustre performance by England leaves the team hanging by a spaghetti noodle for an unsavoury exit if Italy does not win the next two matches.

Former Sports Presenter Andy Gray Spotted Walking in Park

SCUNTHORPE - England - Former Sky Sports presenter, Andy Gray cut a lonely figure as he was photographed walking alone in a park, Sky news has revealed.

Football Hooligans Angry After England Lose 2018 World Cup Bid

LEEDS - England - There were full scale riots today in many major UK cities after the result for the 2018 World Cup was announced.

Manchester Brothels Celebrating Sports Star’s Five Year Contract Renewal

MANCHESTER - England - Prostitutes in one of the cities best known brothels were seen to be doing high fives at the wonderful news.

Rooney Scuppered by New Contract

MANCHESTER - England - Wayne Rooney has confirmed he wants to leave Manchester United, however, he has not cited money reasons but contractual complications instead.

Gazza Saved Rooney Marriage

CHESHIRE - England - Ex-footballer, Paul Gascoigne is credited with saving the ailing marriage of Wayne and Coleen Rooney, Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson has revealed.

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