Man Suddenly Becomes Superstitious Before Next England Game

ESSEX - England - An England fan has suddenly become very superstitious before the final Euro match against Italy.

england fan superstitious

Imagine, thinking that every action you do in a day could jinx the result for the Euro 2020 Finals with England and Italy.

Lee Monk, 27, from Essex was never superstitious before England managed to somehow get to the Euro finals.

“Is that a ladder? If I see anyone getting even close to crossing under it, I have to shout out to stop them! They could jinx England. I’ve also given all the mirrors in the house away. We don’t want any bad luck if one of them gets broke, innit!”

The other day, Mr. Monk saw his neighbour’s black cat walk across his lawn. He immediately closed his eyes and convinced himself it was never there, and proceeded to throw copious amounts of salt over his left shoulder.

As for walking on the pavement, Mr. Monk is terrified whenever he goes out that he might step on a crack and jinx England’s chances that way.

“I’m glad the England match is on Sunday 11th July, and it’s not on the 13th, or a Friday the 13th. I think that would jinx England too much, and I would be in a state of perpetual hell!”

Mr. Monk now walks around with a ‘lucky’ horse shoe around his neck and has his fingers permanently crossed until the final result on Sunday.

“I’ve even gone off spag bol mate! Used to be my fave, but recently can’t even stand the fuckin’ smell!”