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European Super League: Billionaires Want to Make More Billions

MADRID - Spain - The European Super League was created "to save football", says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Real are one of the 12 European clubs who have signed up to the breakaway league and intend to establish a new midweek competition.

It’s a very simple concept, billionaires are never happy with their billions, and they constantly want to make more billions to add to their other billions. The European Super League is a firm commitment to scrape more money from the football barrel and force football fans to dish out more money to see their favourite teams play.

Greed is always a factor, and the footballers want more money, the billionaires want more money, and in the process there has to always be losers, the fans and lesser clubs.

“This is nothing more than football for the greedy. Many of these billionaires do not care about football despite owning these clubs. They only look at income. Greed engenders more greed!” one fan who was disgusted by the whole debacle revealed.

One billionaire football club owner had a few words to say about the European Super League and football fans.

“Let them pay”

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