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George Floyd Was Allergic to Going to Jail Video Shows

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - The video showing four policemen trying to put George Floyd into a car shows that Floyd was allergic to going to jail.

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The video showing multiple officers trying to get George Floyd into a cop car reveal that Floyd had an aversion to going to prison. In fact, George Floyd was allergic to being arrested and going to jail.

Psychologist Eric Brandt reveals that this allergy is prevalent amongst many people.

“Like if a man robs a bank or commits a crime, naturally the police will try to arrest the criminals if they are caught. During an arrest, the allergic reaction to having handcuffs put on you or stuffed into a police vehicle can cause an agitated temperament in the criminal. All he sees now is a loss of freedom, to be locked in a cage for years, therefore his body and mind have an allergic reaction to arrest and incarceration.

Ngonye Falls, Zambia
Under new Minnesota legislation criminals would be given free safari holidays costing thousands of dollars instead of being immediately arrested for their crimes.

“In liberal states we need to take into account of this aversion to being arrested. Why not give the criminals a holiday before they are taken to prison, or the police should take the arrested felon to a nice restaurant to give them a good slap-up meal? The state of Minnesota is even thinking of giving people who commit crimes cash to ease the pain of arrest. Imagine if you have been handcuffed for a heinous crime, and the policeman puts $5,000 into your pocket from the state’s taxpayers. We would have happy criminals then, they would love to go to prison, and this terrible allergic reaction to arrest would stop.”

Minnesota state legislators are considering giving gifts to individuals who are arrested, and playing soft relaxing music during the arrest process so the aversion and allergy to arrest does not rear its ugly head again.

Poor George Floyd was a victim of an adverse reaction to being handcuffed and put into a cop car. He suffered terribly because he was not treated in the right way for committing a crime. Instead of being handcuffed, the police should have given him gifts, taken him out to a restaurant and booked a long safari vacation for him in South Africa.

There is no doubt that George Floyd’s allergic reaction to being arrested contributed to his frightful death.


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