Paul the Octopus Sold to Korean Restaurant

BERLIN - Germany - Paul the Octopus, who became famous during the World Cup by predicting the outcome of Germany's games, has sadly been sold to a Korean restaurant, it was revealed today.

“We had to let him go. He was predicting too many things. Like he predicted that my wife would leave me, that she would take everything, and even that I would crash my BMW on the Autobahn. I just said ‘Hey, Paul, you gotta go man. You’re disturbing me,” Jens Schweinner, the aquarium boss in charge of Paul the Octopus revealed to Bild magazine.

In an awful twist, poor old Paul the Octopus did not predict his demise, and was suddenly snatched from his aquarium and unceremoniously sold to the Korean restaurant in downtown Berlin.

“It like Old Boy. We got him on the plate and just start on Paul the Octopus, In Korea it delicacy. Raw octopus alive. It make a good meal,” Phong Moon Seoung, the proprietor of the Sun Woo restaurant revealed.