French Refuse to Riot After 62

PARIS - France - The countries union leaders have agreed to stop rioting after the age of 62, the French media reports.

“It is almost a form of existentialism a la Camus and Sartre, one must riot, it is the French way, but we emphatically refuse to do so after we are 62 years old. In England, the Ros Boefs, they don’t riot and they have worse indignities forced upon them by their governments, so at least we riot. Here, mes amis, we have that petit midget Sarko dictating to us. We say, allez cochon, we will riot day and night to show our displeasure until we are 62. On the streets of Montmartre, and all over the boulevards, there will be burning cars and riots. Vive la révolution!” Jean Henri, 24, a student at the Universite de Reims Champagne-Ardenne told Le Monde.

The French authorities have welcomed the news that their citizens are not so keen on rioting after 62.

Speaking from the Ministry of Justice, Alphonse Merde, told Le Figaro: “This is indeed good news. Rioting is generally for those who have that youthful spark of fire and rebellion inside their being. Our citizens are refusing to riot after the age of 62. They can have their fun for awhile, then they can retire from rioting.”