How Romanians Colonised Britain in Less Than Two Years

LONDON - England - There will be no Brexit, as the deluge continues into Britain day in day out from the EU.


With the wonderful news from the ONS that 280,000 EU citizens came to live in Britain within the last quarter, where the majority were from Romania and Bulgaria, there is no surprise that the NHS is now close to certain death.

It’s not only the health service though, schools are overflowing with some primary schools having to teach children in corridors, and 40-50 kids in a class. School places are all but impossible to find, much like getting an appointment from your local GP’s surgery.

The roads are now so overcrowded with EU cars and trucks that having to spend two hours to complete a distance of three miles is an every day occurrence.

No one speaks English in London any more, all you hear are Slavic languages, African and Romanian and every other language except for the local language.

Naturally, EU residents are preferred for jobs because they are cheaper to pay and work longer hours, therefore putting the indigenous workers out of work. Jobs are now very hard to come by, not only for professionals but for trades people, who have been hit hardest by the deluge. Where a plumber from Romania works for £7 an hour, a British plumber would not even get out of bed for less than £60.

The Ministers do not see what is going on because they are chauffeured everywhere and live in a cotton wool world where they are cushioned from such things. They do not seem to care, as the shoddy so-called Brexit never materialises and is possibly the longest on-going joke in the history of jokes. With private health care for them and their families, MPs never have to endure the massive waiting lists or no hospital beds, they never have to endure the agony of waiting in pain for an operation that should have been done eighteen months ago, but is continually put forward because of the deluge of people using the NHS. The daily flights of women from Nigeria landing at Heathrow to be admitted at maternity wards so they can give birth to their triplets and quintuplets for free on the NHS.

nhs corridor patients

Your child is sick, they’ve gone pale and their breathing erratic. You call an ambulance in sheer desperation. None come. Your child dies a painful death in your arms, something that would never have happened before the deluge.

“Big Issue, Big Issue!” the Romanian woman shouts in your ear, her housing costs of £25,000 per annum are of course paid for by the taxpayer, her tax credits she receives are over £35,000, and that’s not including her income of £39,000 per annum selling people copies of the Big Issue. Britain for these people is the softest of touches, and should be milked for every penny.

No wonder they are queuing up at Calais to come over, but it’s also easy for anyone who comes into the Schengen zone from Greece, or Italy to come to the UK. You just have to wait for six months to get your EU membership card, then come to the land of milk and honey to live a life of Riley on benefits in England.

The future is one of morose death for Britain, there is no future for the NHS, because it is now so oversubscribed that it will not last for another two years at the most. This is however, what many MPs want, because they will eventually use this EU deluge to introduce a pricing model. This is what a lot of Conservatives have wanted for a long time, so it will be goodbye NHS and hello a model where all UK citizens will have to pay for their healthcare needs. The ironic part of this, is that it is the socialists who want to stay in the EU, who are actually contributing to the death of the NHS, which was created by socialists in the first place. They are of course too stupid to realise this.


Britain’s cities are just nothing more than holding pens for migrants as they cram themselves into hovels by the dozen, exploited by ruthless landlords and lax regulation from the councils, who are told to turn a blind eye for the benefit of cheap workers.

The benefits system, which was designed initially for the most vulnerable of society, is now used as a holiday camp, a ticket to free everything and the biggest lure for EU migrants who do not get as much elsewhere. With less taxpayers putting in to the pot, and more people taking out of the pot, it is simple mathematics, the benefits system will collapse along with the NHS. That will happen very soon, and there will be no lifeline left, socialists are good at using other peoples money, until that runs out. Then they are royally fucked.

Don’t bother learning the Highway Code any more, because according to EU drivers, it does not exist. EU drivers rarely signal, they simply turn when they want to, they are rude aggressive and flout pretty much every road rule there is in the UK. They can park wherever they want to because their vehicle is registered in some shit hole village in Romania, so ticket away wardens, you are completely powerless to do anything. If an EU citizen crashes into you, they usually drive off, so good luck with your insurance claim, because they have no insurance or MOT. But they can get away with it because they’re from the EU.

Britain has now become a stinking depository for the lowest human detritus, people of low skill, EU criminals, gang members, drug dealers who are overcrowding the already overcrowded. Instead of bringing in people of professional skill who would contribute to the economy, now there is a surplus of excrement and burdens to the taxpayer.

Dig up the English countryside, so you can plonk on those garish fucking grey buildings, stacked up by the thousand to house the millions of EU migrants and their millions of children.

There is no way out of the EU totalitarian regime, because the restrictions of leaving the EU are so stringent, there is literally no way out. If you can’t get out of something easily, you are a prisoner, you are tied into a totalitarian authoritarian regime, and the EU claims to be a ‘liberal democracy’ led by unelected eurocrats dictating laws from the EU Commission.

The EU is in fact a Feudal state, where the peasant citizens have little or no say. There will definitely be no Brexit, and if there is, it won’t be a Brexit, it will be made to look like one but nothing will change.