Remain Supporters Instrumental in Emergence of EU Army

LONDON - England - When it comes to low information voters who do not have much knowledge of what they are voting for, or the EU, Remain voters and supporters fit the bill very succinctly.


These Remain people are more concerned about roaming charges on their mobile phones in the continent than any serious issues that the EU is forcing on Britain.

Brainwashed Remain voters are easily led sheep who would willingly go over a cliff because of their entrenched EU programming and their devout hatred of Britain.

Jean Claude Juncker’s EU army is already on a roll, and the Remain supporters are unknowingly bringing forth this fascistic monster into plain sight.

Not only is an EU army a threat to NATO but is seen as a direct threat by Russia right on their doorstep.

By staying in the EU, the UK’s armed forces would be forced to cede control to a Brussels high command.

The EU army already has an advanced control structure developed and is ready to go to the next level where all EU nations would be forced to commit their armed forces under a single EU military force.

So when your sons and daughters are called up to have their limbs blown off on the battlefield, you can stop your Remoaning — you fully supported remaining in the EU.