8-Year-Old Unaccompanied Child Calais Migrant Says Thank You For Toys

DOVER - England - Children's toys were given to the unusually large 'children' who were granted leave to come to Britain from the Calais jungle camp yesterday.


One young child, speaking with a low voice said he was eight years old and had travelled all the way from Afghanistan to come to Britain so he could receive benefits, a flat and ‘plenty of English pussy’.

“I am only eight years old. Thank you for the toys. I play with them when I go primary school with other children of my age. I will drive to school in my BMW and leave one of my wife at home to cook for my three children, who will come later, thank you socialist peoples you are very generous.”

Amongst the 14 unaccompanied ‘children’ many over six feet tall, and with low baritone voices, was little Mohamed Abdullah, 10, from Peshawar, Pakistan.

“I am only ten years old. I need come Britain because you give free food, free money and free English women. I hear they do anything for you, just ask, and they do. Ooph, I’ve got blue balls. Haven’t had a shag in weeks. First thing I’ll be doing after primary school is visiting the local massage parlour for a good seeing to all paid for by the British taxpayer. I’ve also heard my primary school’s English teacher is a real looker, bet she’s never seen a ten year old like me before. Thank you for the toys, you stupid mugs, I’ll sell it on Ebay to a real child for profit. What a bunch of fuckin’ mugs, innit.”

Brexit any one?