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Members of Parliament Have Already Voted During the EU Referendum

LONDON - England - The ridiculous nonsense being trotted out by Remoaner MPs like Hilary Benn where he says 'members of parliament should not be bystanders' to Brexit is null and void.


Members of parliament throughout the breadth of the Commons and the Lords were fully instrumental in their viewpoints during the EU referendum. They were there on the streets canvassing, and they were there at the voting booths voting for their preference as were the rest of the nation.

To say that MPs should scupper Brexit now through the use of their own divisive voting agenda is tantamount to treason.

Hilary Benn, whose late father, was extremely anti-EU, is a disgrace to parliament and this country. He has no mandate to propose anything apart from sitting down on his little stool to continue that awful mewling sound that gravitates from his scrawny neck.

You can’t just continue having re-votes until you get the answer you want. That is not democracy, and the Remoaners who support the undemocratic EU obviously have no respect for British democracy or the voice of the people.

The PM should allow discussion, but there should be no vote, because there has already been one. The Houses of Parliament, the House of Lords, the army, the health service, the pen pushers in Whitehall have all already voiced their opinion on June 23 when they all voted during the EU referendum.

Something has to be done about this immediately.

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