Bypass EU: Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act Immediately

LONDON - England - An urgent communique from the UK Secure think tank reveals the dangers present from the EU unless Britain acts immediately.



Britain’s PM is delaying invoking Article 50 but her government can repeal the 1972 European Communities Act immediately.

By doing so, British laws would supersede those of the EU once again.

Magna Carta

For thousands of years Britain has survived without the EU, and by reclaiming some of our own judicial power we can begin to take power back from the parasitical entity of Brussels and the unelected EU Commission.

Regaining some semblance of Britain’s sovereignty and legal system is a first step away from the totalitarian Marxist EU regime.

We must do this NOW

The Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865 must be adhered to in the interests of the safety of Britain’s interests in Gibraltar which is currently coming under increasing threat by Spain.

Because of the Schengen Free Movement zone, Britain is increasingly coming under attack from elements sneaking into Europe across its porous borders. In the interests of national security, it is imperative that the UK takes back control of its borders. Without doing so immediately will increase terrorism within our shores on a par with what is happening in France.

France is an example of a nation that has been severely compromised by its porous borders, where terrorists move arms freely into the country to commit atrocities on the population. Every part of France now is in a state of emergency where they can be attacked at any time at will by those wishing to commit acts of terror.

Every day Britain does not secure its borders, the closer it gets to becoming France

The threat of terrorism from groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda can only be thwarted by securing borders with proper checks and halting EU free movement, until that time, the attacks will continue exponentially.

For the interests of British sovereignty in parliament and law, the United Kingdom must repeal the 1972 European Communities Act immediately and then invoke Article 50 to conclude the exit from the EU.

Terrorist cells

There is no other way to safeguard the nation from the terroristic threats emanating from the Continent.

The Turkish migrant accord with the EU has failed and this year millions have crossed into the EU from Libya and through Russian territories north of Greece which was the preferred entry point in 2015.

Because of a news blackout ordered by Brussels, these massive incursions are not being reported by the mainstream controlled press. Every day thousands of migrants, who may or may not be legitimate refugees are pouring into the EU interspersed with terrorists who are utilising the cover of refuge to infiltrate the European Union.

The Middle East is in a state of war, and the Schengen zone is an invitation for war to come to Europe. The Schengen zone was designed to work only in peace time, of which we are not in at the moment and for some time.

It is imperative that the United Kingdom leaves the EU immediately. Make Britain Great again by giving it back its own sovereignty and judicial system.