The Almighty Zuckerberg Beaten by Iconic Historic Photo

CALIFORNIA - USA - Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has been forced to reinstate a historic photo after being previously banned by the company.



News coming in that Facebook has restored the previously banned photograph illustrating the horrors of the Vietnam war comes as a warning to politically correct anti-freedom and anti-free speech denizens of the Marxist left who seem to dictate to others what they can and cannot see or say.

It is an increasingly scary thought that much of the internet today is ruled by these anti-freedom technology freaks who are scared of anything that is in any way real, creative or horrifically thought provoking. Technology is meant to free us and humanity more, yet they seek to shut us off from freedom of speech. The Daily Squib itself has seen the wrath of these freedom hating people who do not understand expression, art or satire. There is no algorithm for satire, and this confuses them, it does not compute in their cold sexless digital world of conformity, banality and boring morose technical speech.

Mark Zuckerberg is a pox upon the internet, a vile humanoid creature with parasitic characteristics resembling a putrid bleeding pustule seeping across the world wide web.

Facebook, where whatever you upload is now under the ownership of Zuckerturd and his brainwashed minions is a plague on humanity. It is the earth’s lowest form of achievement, it is an octopus that encircles every part of the internet with its giant suckers never letting go for one second.

Anyone who has a private page on Facebook should be profoundly ashamed of themselves. Are you masochists? Do you like your information being peddled to marketing agencies, intelligence agencies and anyone else who cares to delve into your banal useless every day habits? Are you that fucking dumb that you will reveal everything about yourself even after reading the terms and conditions of that site?

The uselessness of Facebook must be addressed. It serves no purpose to anyone, even the data gatherers, and the inane conversations from within its software prison walls are digital versions of sand blowing in the wind. Each word uttered is a grain of sand, lost amongst the billions of other grains of sand. You are nothing if you have two million friends on Facebook, you may slit your wrists on live streaming video and not one of these people will care, in fact in most cases of this nature, people egg on the soon to be deceased social media idiot to do the job quickly before they all move on to someone else to friend.

To delete one’s profile now is probably too late, if you’ve been blabbing on Facebook for awhile, it does not matter if you delete, because all your information is on a server until the end of time. Not only that, if you visit any website on the internet that has a Facebook sharing link, you will be tracked and information relayed straight back to Facebook’s HQ for processing whether you have a page there or not.

Is there a cure for Facebook? Well, as long as the NSA and CIA have their way, it is not going anywhere any time soon.

The only way to kill Facebook is for the millions to leave it, but that will never happen because there are millions of brainwashed people living in their little sandbox, showing off their fake lifestyles and pictures of little Johnny at his birthday party. Facebook nurtured the narcissism of the people and marketed it. Facebook took friendship and made it into a commodity, of which you are the part, knowing or unknowingly.

The only way to kill Facebook is to leave it. We cannot let something as invasive, as dictatorial and anti-freedom survive. Zuckerberg is even trying to erase history by banning historical photographs. This cannot be allowed in the West, whose tenets are ones of freedom of expression. Facebook is anti humanity, anti truth and anti free speech.

Delete your page, you will feel much better for it. Interact with someone in the real world for one second. That’s all it takes.