Revealed What Hillary Clinton Coughed Into Her Drink

ALABAMA - USA - The internet is one for speculation, and there has certainly been a storm over what Mrs Clinton coughed into her drink during another tiring speech session.



We gave the tape to an expert visual analyst who worked for the CIA for many years, now retired, to try and explain the green deposit Clinton spewed from her mouth into a glass of water, then drank from.

James Albright, a former CIA analyst gave us his take on the green gunk episode.

“What we have here are two heavy objects that Mrs Clinton deposits into the tall glass of water. She has her lips close together when she releases these objects which I assume are quite heavy as they immediately go to the bottom of the glass.

“The reason for Clinton having her lips partially closed is because she wants to disguise her efforts whilst ejecting the two objects from the audience.

“After analysing the footage utilising specialist techniques, I have come to the conclusion that the two objects are human testicles, possibly from her husband, Bill.

“Shape analysis and the weight of the objects, as well as the colouring. Hillary Clinton may have been chewing on them for awhile, and gangrene could have set in.”