Think Tank: Britain and EU Now Run by Barren Women

LONDON - England - A leading think tank on world affairs, B.A.R.R.E.N, the Bilateral Analytical Rational Regulatory Elective Network, comments on the state of leadership within Europe and Britain.


Scotland is being run by the childless Nicola Sturgeon, while down south we have the childless Theresa May, and in the EU, the barren childless Angela Merkel.

These barren women are the rulers of Britain and Europe, and maybe they wish to make their domains as barren as their wombs.

Who is to say that Theresa May, she who delays Brexit for as long as possible, and she who backtracks at every possible turn will never conduct a Brexit as prescribed by the general population of the United Kingdom?

On the one hand we have the despotic Scottish Sturgeon, a monstrous midget infused with her own self importance and aspirations of power daily threatening to commit some injustice on voters who voted to get out of the EU, on the other hand we have May, who would not look out of character on a broomstick with a pointy hat, a ghostly figure with wishy washy policies and ghost-like promises of Brexit that disappear into the cold dark night.

There is nothing on the whole wrong with being a barren woman, however the vitriol and stink that can be meted out by some of these women should no doubt be noted, especially when they are in power.

barren landscape

They have something to prove, they are angry childless, they hit out, they may be vindictive, even malicious in their anger at being childless. They will never know what it is like to have some little one tottering around the room or the playground. They will never know the joys and character building tribulations of being a parent. This makes them fume with rage at their diseased wombs, their childless, loveless existence projected onto the general populace as an angry apparition.

Indeed, some may say these barren women ruling over us is dangerous, and it could even be stipulated that the world is entering a terrible phase of childless women in charge. Look at Merkel, a childless woman, and of course one cannot leave out Hillary Clinton, who managed to have one child, but in a marriage of convenience, how good is that anyway?

The point being, Europe is now ruled by ruthless childless barren women. We must therefore prepare for war in the future, because it is this barren nature towards life that creates an atmosphere of anti-fertility, anti-family, anti-nature precipitating in conflict, war and eventually a barren landscape of death.

War is coming folks, and the barren angry women shall make it so.