Merkel’s Role Was Solely to Bring Forth Right Wing

BERLIN - Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel was used as a conduit to bring forth a new resurgence of the right wing in Germany an expert in clandestine operations believes.



Speaking from the shadows, an operative of the Hidden Hand agency revealed how the Chancellor is a simple pawn in a much bigger game.

“We needed a rebirth of the German right. How better to do this than to bring in millions of Islamic refugees from the Middle East. The Chancellor was fooled into thinking she is doing a righteous job, but her role and the role of the refugees is one of being a conduit and aid to the right wing, of which is rising in Germany once again. All rises in fascism need a scapegoat, something to rally the people. In America we had 911, in Germany we had first the Jews, and now the Islamics. Merkel has been a gift to the right wing, and she is the gift that keeps giving.”

With news that attacks against refugees and sympathisers has risen by 60% this year alone, as more people come into Germany daily, the attacks will continue until there is an apex in violence.

Within the small German towns, tensions are extremely high. Here are small communities, entrenched, and the backlash has immense force to counteract forced integration with people the Germans are never going to accept. This fuel on the fire is rising daily, until the flames will be uncontrollable.

“Merkel, as a pawn, has been exemplary, and the funny thing is she does not realise it. Thank you. You have given birth to the new fascism,” the operative added.

In 1928, the Nazis had only 12 seats in the Reichstag; by July 1932 they had 230 seats and were the largest party.

History is repeating itself once again, and no one can be thanked more than Angela Merkel.