Burning Man Hypocrisy Burns

NEVADA - USA - Parasites that clamp onto events like Burning Man are an injustice that for many is too hard to take.


That is why the vandalising of the White Ocean VIP section of the Burning Man event should be commended and encouraged to the full.

Started by the untalented insipid banal auspices of Paul Oakenfold, a putrid music thief and DJ, it is truly delightful that the parasitical detritus have had their day.

“Oakenfold is a talentless console button pusher, a lowly worm of a human if you can call him that. This guy is not only a parasite within the music biz, but a parasite as a human, if one were to compare him to a turd, it would be a compliment,” one reveller quipped as he cut some wires to the DJs console.

The devout homosexual Oakenfold, likes his little boys, but it is bending over for the likes of criminal Russian billionaires to get his sordid projects going that really irks.

Let us hope next year Burning Man puts the likes of Oakenfold and his chums on the bonfire, now that would be entertainment. His screaming would be better than any ‘music’ he claims to make or steals.