Gossip Trump Has Lost the Election Already

DELAWARE - USA - Donald Trump has a big fat mouth and he cannot control himself. This is why he has already lost the election.



What kind of a president gossips about phone calls with the Russian president in which they reveal that Putin called Obama a n*gger?

Trump is a gossip, a low down blabber mouth and a vulgarian.

It was obvious many months ago that Trump is swimming in waters that are way above his station, but his most recent faux pas is a red stop sign saying no way is this guy going to be president, he is an imbecile with not a single diplomatic bone in his body.

Some people will say ‘what you get is what you see’ with Trump, but the role of any politician or premier is exactly the opposite of that.

Donald Trump is a liability, not only to the United States but the globe, and every day we see more utter foolishness from this little man.

It is certain when the debates between Clinton and Trump materialise the evidence will be clearer, on the one hand will be a mature adult, on the other will be an irresponsible kid.

Trump has lost the presidency all by himself, and it is time the people of America woke up to who he really is — an idiot.