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Brexit At Risk: Pro-EU Leadsom and May Versus Brexiteer Gove

LONDON - England - Brexit is at real risk of either being watered down or simply ignored with wishy washy Conservative prime ministerial candidates like Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May.

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Andrea Leadsom was extremely pro-EU in 2013, and even though she was involved in the Leave campaign, there are serious doubts to her vision of a valid Brexit.

Theresa May has backed out of repealing the ECHR, and has also said that mass migration should continue into Britain post Brexit.

These candidates present a watered down Brexit vision where Britain will still be under the thumb of the EU and nothing will change.

On the other side of the coin is the now unpopular Michael Gove, who spectacularly leaped over former candidate Boris Johnson using rather underhand techniques. Despite his ruthless campaign, Gove is a real Brexiteer who is more than capable of taking the PM job and exercising a proper Brexit.

There is further danger for Brexit from Tony Blair who is now saying that Brexit should simply be ignored and Britain should remain in the EU. Blair’s despicable stance on the democratically won EU referendum is a disgusting vindictive position that is an affront to democracy. If Remain had won by a small margin, he would not be saying that the result should be ignored.

Unfortunately for Brexit, there are many in the Conservative party who wanted to remain in the EU, which may impact on the Tory leadership contest and destroy a real implementation of leaving the EU.

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