Out! – Voices for Freedom and Democracy

LONDON - England - As the UK prepares for a historic vote on membership of the European Union, a diverse group of activists and politicians have come together to voice their support for the progressive, democratic case for voting Leave.

Having originally planned to hold an ‘Out!’ rally early this week, it was decided to cancel the event out of respect for Jo Cox MP, whose murder last week horrified us all. With the referendum just around the corner, our speakers have instead written their own short articles setting out what they would have told the rally and why each of them reject Project Fear and embrace this country’s historic opportunity to embrace the world.


From left to right, liberal to conservative, libertarians to trades unionists – we have gathered many of the voices who believe that this is their last chance to speak Out!


Giving a voice to the arguments not yet heard – and telling us how the EU has brought down the living standards of the poor in Britain and the world and put power in the hands of a tiny elite instead of the people – our 28 contributors:


  • Cllr Gurjit Kaur Bains – Cabinet Member for Community at Gravesham Borough Council
  • Saqib Bhatti – Chairman of Muslims for Britain
  • Malin Bogue – Americans for Britain
  • Dr Peter Chadha – British-Sikhs for Britain
  • Brian Denny – Trade Unionists Against the EU
  • Paul Embery – Fire Brigades Union
  • Richard Fairbrass – Right Said Fred
  • Anna Firth – Women for Britain
  • Claire Fox – Institute of Ideas
  • Manick Govinda – Manifesto Club, writing in a personal capacity
  • Vicky Griffiths – Farmers for Britain
  • James Heartfield – author, The European Union and the End of Politics
  • Rafe Heydel-Mankoo – Poles for Britain
  • Harsimrat Kaur – Mathematician
  • Pasha Khandaker – President, Bangladeshi Catering Association
  • Adam Lake – Out & Proud/Boyz
  • Kunle Olulode – campaigner and activist
  • Kevin Rooney – Teacher
  • Shahmir Sanni – Research Director, BeLeave
  • Graham Stringer MP – Labour Leave
  • Chloe Westley – Aussies for Britain
  • Ella Whelan – assistant editor at spiked
  • Toby Young – journalist and co-founder of the West London Free School



Speaking in advance of the referendum, Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas, said:


“This Thursday gives the British people – from all communities and all walks of life – a unique opportunity to vote for freedom and democracy. Let’s take this once in a generation opportunity to embrace an open, ambitious and optimistic future for the UK”.


Vote Leave on June 23