Prepare For 4 Million More Cars On Overcrowded Narrow Streets of Britain

LONDON - England - Britain's narrow roads, designed for the horse and cart are already straining, gridlocked messes, a testament to bygone eras and a lack of space.


Naturally, London has borne the brunt of the deluge, but this is not over, if Britain remains in the EU, the numbers will exceed 4 million extra inhabitants within a decade.

If Britons see sense, and Vote to Leave, there will be respite, as the borders will finally come under some form of control.

The ONS today released figures that reiterate this urgency to take back control. David Cameron has failed in his pledge to reduce migration and if we remain in the EU it will get a lot worse as Britain will have no say in the levels coming into the UK. Net migration from the EU rose from 174,000 in 2014 to 184,000 last year.

Remaining in the EU, will condemn London to grow to a staggering 10-12 million, rendering it a wreck akin to some favela ridden South American city.

The previously protected green belt and much loved parks will be a thing of the past, concreted over forever to build tower blocks for EU migrants.

Schengen mass migration


The Schengen zone, gives access to the UK, as anyone who enters the zone only has to wait to get their EU papers before they make their way to the free healthcare utopia that is Britain. The current population of the EU is 508, 000, 000 but that number will increase exponentially as the wars in the Middle East grind on and other nations like Turkey are added.

Britain is only 80,823 sq miles and there is no more room left. The schools are overcrowded messes, with some classes having 40-50 children per teacher, the NHS is crumbling with the deluge with hospital beds in corridors and medicine shortages, the roads are gridlocked, the housing shortage is punishing working Britons whose only crime was being born on a tiny island, there is no hope for Britain if it stays in the EU. There is no hope for your children, or their children.

nhs corridor

The hopelessness can only be alleviated by change. Stand up and vote to leave. It does not have to be this way, you do not have to follow David Cameron blindly or digest the propaganda being spewed from the BBC and other media on a constant basis.

Take Back Control

We can change this. There are alternatives to what we have now, and we can move forward to give Britain some space. We need space to grow, we need space for our children to play, we need space on our roads so we can drive, we need space for the sake of having space.

There is an alternative, there always was an alternative to what the mainstream message is always trying to indoctrinate the masses with. You can make a difference by voting to leave this EU corrupt mess. You can put an X on Vote Leave and get Britain out of this awful turmoil, this tyranny that has been foisted on us by stealth. This is not about race, xenophobia or any other construct, this is about space.

Let us open up Britain globally, through trade, through selective migration, through our sheer will we can save Britain from the deluge that will render us irrelevant if we don’t do something now.

David Cameron has seen fit to destroy Britain, once it is gone, it will be gone forever. There will be no other chance. This is it.

Vote Leave on June 23 is the only choice that a Briton should make, it is the only logical choice to take back control from the faceless unelected eurocrats who do not know who you are, they do not care who you are, and they certainly do not want to ever know who you are.

Save Britain. It is Your duty.