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EU Referendum: I’m IN the ****!

LONDON - England - With no logic to their campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, there is a sense of floundering desperation to the proceedings as the official EU referendum campaigning begins.

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The EU is a failing enterprise that is un-democratic, corrupt and profligate, with a future akin to the Titanic.

Much like the famous ship which was said to be too big to sink, so too come the claims about the EU, and it is sinking in a sea of debt, unrealised pension debt liabilities as well as failing members like Greece.

The IN campaign are definitely in the sewer, a shit party full to the brim, directed from behind the scenes by cowardly unelected eurocrats hiding behind their curtain of deceit and greed. With their unlimited expense accounts, low tax rates and diamond plated pensions, of course the faceless unelected eurocrats have a lot to lose, so this is why they are now pouring huge amounts of your taxpayer money into propaganda drives to fool the people of Britain with your own money whilst laughing in your face.

Raw sewage

The campaigners and supporters of the Remain camp are low information people, they are not interested in the cold hard facts or the truth about the EU, they are enslaved by lies and false propaganda forced onto the populace by Project Fear and pledge allegiance to nothing but cowardice, betrayal and greed.

There is an almost robotic element to those who support to stay in the EU. Their fervour resembles the same Soviet pride of the former USSR, and the current communist state of China. No amount of reasoning or facts put in front of their faces, point by point telling them they have been told lies by their greed fuelled masters will assuage their singular urgency to sell Britain out and betray its people forever.

To fight this form of brainwashing and ulterior greed fuelled enemy is a task that is gargantuan in size, but a wholly manageable affair because the IN campaign may have the backing of Goldman Sachs and other EU departments, but it does not have half the passion or truth behind its operation. The truth always wins through, and the people can see through the lies the BSE team spout.

You are definitely IN, you are IN the Shit, and you know it.

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