Why Offshore Tax Evasion is Not Really That Bad a Thing

LONDON - England - If you're really rich, like really, really rich, then why throw your money away? Especially if you are domiciled in a heavily socialist country where people are taxed to death.


People are too harsh on the likes of David Cameron, it is a sort of envy of the rich which is usually dispensed by the leftie socialist finger pointers of the world. Would Tony Blair do such things? No, he is clean as a hang man’s noose at Saddam’s hanging.

It is quite justifiable that the rich avoid seeing their money disappear forever, especially as they have worked so hard through any means to acquire their status in life. The pain one must feel, if you earn £2 million a year, to see over £1 million snatched so horribly away by the tax man. Just think how it feels, what you could have bought with that money, instead it is put into the welfare system or given to some family from Scunthorpe with 28 kids and a coterie of taxpayer funded pets, worse still, it could be eaten up by some BBC budget for a show that no one will watch less fucking care about.

What is it with Britons especially when it comes to rich people? Don’t the poor want to be rich as well one day? Is there no aspiration to rise up above the poverty level of a die hard socialist in permanent austerity? According to British socialists, there is none, but for champagne socialist politicians and celebrities, richness is something they enjoy but are thoroughly ashamed of. Britain must really learn to aspire to rise up above this sort of chastisement of the rich, where in places like America, being rich is the only aspiration that matters and is greeted with thorough adulation by the masses.

If you’re really, really rich. What happens at the end of your life? That’s worse still. You’ve got Billions in the bank that you’ve stashed away all over, and you’ll never see it again when you pop your clogs. The pain of this deathly fact must be too much to bear for some, a burden that they maybe take across the ether with them when they finally depart from this mortal coil.