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Are You Ready For Holiday Season Schengen Death Lottery?

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Going on holiday in Europe this summer could mean you don't come back or you leave some body parts behind at your European destination.


The attack at the check-in lounge at Brussels airport is an indication, not only of lax security, but of the determination of terrorists to maim and kill as many people as they possibly can.

You and your family may be at a check-in desk when another nail bomb goes off. There are no security checks before check-in, and anyone can pretend to be a traveller.

The Schengen zone is a direct route from war zones like Syria to any destination in Europe. There are little or no checks on papers or passports once within the EU’s Schengen zone therefore Jihadists, bombs and military grade weapons are easily transported to attack zones.

Is the UK safe because it is out of the Schengen? No, because any citizen of the EU (742 million people) is allowed access to the UK without question.

According to intelligence agencies, there are approximately 4,000 highly trained ISIS operatives waiting to attack within the EU, and this means if you are a frequent traveller, you will eventually come into contact with one of these terrorists at some time.

European travel is now a dangerous lottery, where a sudden flash is all it takes before your life is either snuffed out within a millisecond or you see your limbs fly across the room as the nails shoot across space at high speed.

You are excited to be on holiday, you do not notice anything as the man next to you pushes his trolley full of explosives and shards of metal. The last thing you hear are the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great)…and then nothingness…eternal nothingness.

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