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Experts: Globalism Will Not Suffer With Brexit

ROTTERDAM - Netherlands - The GBRF, a prominent advisory section of the world's globalist institution has recommended a Brexit for Britain from the EU.

A team of experts at the Globalist Bilderberger Research Facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands has revealed in a new paper that Brexit would not hamper plans for globalism and should be allowed to continue without fear.

“Our lower orders are worried about Brexit, however analysis and projections of financial data reveal that Britain leaving the EU would not hinder plans for globalism or business efficacy at all.

“The numerous benefits of Brexit are too long to list in this brief report, however the main benefit is that the United Kingdom would increase its global outlook by leaving the restrictive EU. We want entities to look outward and not inward. The EU is halting British business in seeking further trade deals elsewhere and only limiting it to European interests. This is not good for globalism.

“Globalism should not mean unfettered migration but controlled migration should be adopted by the advanced industrialised nations. We seek to increase the quality of selected areas population and to do this, it is better that the UK leaves the EU. This way, Britain can conduct a more efficient drive towards global trade with quality as opposed to one of hampered quantity.

“Our operatives in all geographic areas and zones must work towards a homogeneous global entity yet retaining individual sectors for the highly technological industrialised nations. Britain is such an area, and we want it to increase its reach further globally, and to lead from the top.

“To this end, it is in the interests of globalism that we support fully a Brexit and a demotion of the European Union to a lower status. Unfortunately, the EU is hampering globalism with its insular, backward technique and unless changes are made soon, it will be ordered to disassemble its operations.”

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