Once Obama Goes African Americans Will Be Consigned to Dustbin of History

CINCINNATI - USA - The twilight years of Obama, a failed president who talked big but never delivered.

With the advent of candidate’s like Donald Trump, African Americans have once again become an irrelevance and this is why they’re lashing out at Trump rallies, organised by the Soros hand nonetheless, but lashing out in sheer desperation.

“Blacks are a thorn in America’s side, and they will continue to be so for as long as they are around. Look at Detroit, look at Chicago, look at New York city, these places are blighted. They had their Trayvon moment, but real Americans have had enough of this black violence, drugs, rape and low morals. They say stop shooting us? Well, stop committing the crimes then. Look at the prisons, 80% African American. Look at all the crime, 90% African American. All the projects you see for miles, populated solely by black people, and they get their EBT, they get their free healthcare, they get their Obama phone. Real Americans are sick of the lazy low IQ African Americans, the aggressive violence if they don’t get their way all the time, and the handouts they demand all the time. We’re sick of it. We can’t stand it any more, and we want our country back again. Our forefathers should have picked their own cotton, biggest mistake we ever made was bringing those things over from Africa!” an angry Trump follower at a rally in Cincinnati told local radio news.