Vote Remain’s George Osborne Cutting Funds For Disabled

MANCHESTER - England - Remain supporter George Osborne has cut money for the severely disabled (PIP) and the people who support staying in the EU are strangely quiet.

If you want to stay in the EU, you are siding with George Osborne, a man who sees fit to cut money from the disabled and those who cannot clothe or feed themselves.

“Shame on the people voting to stay In the EU, you are not only siding with Goldman Sachs but with George Osborne, a man if you can call him that, who has no conscience when it comes to taking away funds from the severely disabled,” a partially disabled man who supports Brexit said at a bus stop before spitting on the ground in disgust.

The evil trinity of  Osborne, Blair and Goldman Sachs is compounded by the underlying evil of Lord Mandelson and his dark angels who wish for Britain to be imprisoned forever in slavery under the EU.

A source in Westminster explained the Osborne decision to cut Personal Independence Payments (PIP): “This is the perfect time to cut these payments to the severely disabled because those socialists and communists who are dedicated to remain within the EU cannot say anything now because George Osborne supports remaining in the EU. In other words, they are going to keep their big mouths shut this time, and let the disabled people take the hit. So much for caring socialists then eh, as long as their agenda is met, their true selves always come to the fore.”

Mindy Allinson, 54, a sufferer with severe multiple sclerosis wants Out of the EU and is disgusted that Labour and the people who helped her before are abandoning her now.

“If you vote for Brexit you will help me because this way we can have a functioning NHS again as there will be less people flooding the system and taking away funds for people who really need it. I am truly sad that anyone would want to still vote Remain especially now, after what Osborne has done. Some days I just have to spend in bed without food or water or toilet trips. I have no one to help me now.  If you want to remain in the EU I do not hate you, I actually despise you, for you are hypocrites following despicable people intent on ruining Britain and its people.”